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What makes us different?

  • *  We are proud to serve the financial needs of the local community on a not for profit basis.
  • *  We provide savings and loan facilities for the benefit of our members in the community.
  • *  As a co-operative, Donegal Town Credit Union is owned and controlled by our members.
  • *  Members are entitled to have their say on issues of importance to them.
  • *  We are different from other financial service providers.
  • *  We offer a refreshing new way of helping you to make the most of your finances.

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Who can join Donegal Town Credit Union?

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What does Donegal Town Credit Union offer members?

  • *  Saving with Donegal Town Credit Union has many benefits for our members.
  • *  Your saving is your shareholding and the more you save the greater your share of the dividend.
  • *  Your savings with us are protected by Life Savings Protection at no cost to our members.

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  • *  Our loans are offered to our members at excellent rates.
  • *  They are designed to be both ethical and flexible to suit the financial situations of each member.
  • *  Our loans are based on what you can afford and how often you wish to make repayments.
  • *  Our loan terms are designed to suit your circumstances and can be paid back in full without any penalties.
  • *  Loans are protected with loan insurance at no cost to our members.

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Our insurance packages are designed to protect our valued members and their family. We offer loan protection and life assurance for our members at no cost to the member.

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Donegal Town Credit Union provides excellent customer service and caters to the needs of members. The Credit Union really helped us when we applied for a loan and catered to our financial requirements

Thomas, Ballintra

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