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For People, Not For Profit

Our Mission

Our Mission at Donegal Town Credit Union is to provide the highest level of personal financial services in a friendly, professional manner, to encourage thrift, savings and the wise use of credit, to increase the knowledge and the ability of our members to manage and control their financial well-being, to provide sound financial management in order to maintain earnings for our continued growth and to provide our employees with a challenging and rewarding career. The traditional credit union philosophy will remain our guiding principle.

What is a Credit Union?

Donegal Town Credit Union Financial Services

The Credit Union is a financial co-operative owned and controlled by its members. Donegal Town Credit Union provides savings and loan facilities for our members. Each of our members is entitled to one vote (once aged over 16) regardless of how much or how little they have saved. Donegal Town Credit Union exists to service the financial needs of the local community on a not for profit basis and to retain members savings in the community for the benefit of all their members. Get in touch…

Who can join Donegal Town Credit Union?

There are over 500 Credit Union on the island of Ireland, each one acts independently serving members from a particular area or group. This is known as the Credit Union common bond and is the foundation of the business. The common bond may be the area they live, in this case Donegal or in some cases the common bond might be the occupation of the members, the employer they work for or the fact that they come from a particular society or association. The common bond as the name suggests binds our members together in trust and unity, knowing that we are all living in the Donegal community and that we value our community bond. Become a member of Donegal Town Credit Union…

What makes Donegal Town Credit Union different?

Donegal Town Credit Union is an independent financial services provider and we are ‘not for profit’ we are for the Donegal people. We exist only for the benefit of our members, not stock markets. All decisions are made at local level. Like all Credit Unions we have a voluntary Board of Directors elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting. As a member you are a shareholder, entitled to one vote. You can have your say in what really matters and we value your vote. Member savings provide money to lend to other members, we support each other. The more savings you have, the more shares you have. Everyone benefits because surplus money generated is returned to members as a dividend or loan interest rebate. It can also be used to enhance services to members. Find out more about us…


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