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Flexi Accounts

Get a Flexi Account

Donegal Town Credit Union are pleased to bring you our flexi account. The flexi account allows you to transfer money quickly, easily and securely. It facilitates the member to make SEPA payments as each flexi account has its’ own BIC and IBAN. Join Donegal Town Credit Union and open a flexi account, which allows members to do the following:

  • * Get salary and social welfare payments lodged directly to the Credit Union (pension, child benefit, farm payments and a host of many more)
  • * Easily schedule payment  transfer to other financial institutions. i.e your mortgage
  • * Each flexi account has its own individual  BIC and IBAN, which allows for SEPA transfer
  • * Receive payments and transfer money with no charges on this account

A flexi account is easy to open, just contact the Credit Union.