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Excellent Discounts on Insurance

Our credit union also offers all eligible members insurance services. All of these insurance services are paid for directly by the credit union. The insurance covers currently provided by this credit union in respect of eligible members are: Loan Protection Insurance is the cover a credit union provides on the life of its borrowing member subject to policy conditions. Should the borrower die, the insurance cover provides that the outstanding loan balance is paid off in full.

Protect Your Family with Life Insurance

Donegal Credit Union provides Life Savings Insurance at no direct cost for its members’ eligible savings as an additional incentive to save regularly. The amount of insurance benefit payable on the death of the member is based on the age of the member at the time the savings were lodged. Eligible Savings are those that are lodged before age 70 up to a maximum of €12,700, remain intact in your account, and are lodged whilst you were at work or, if not working, in good health. Death Benefit Insurance is reviewed annually at AGM. The current benefit to the deceased members family is €1950 payable on receipt of funeral bill.

Become a member to avail of life insurance…

Health Insurance Comparison Service

Donegal Town Credit Union has reached an agreement with Cornmarket Group Financial Services to provide a Free Health Insurance Comparison service to our members.
At present, there are over an overwhelming amount to health insurance plans in the market, which can mean that it is very challenging to identify a suitable plan for you and your family. A member of the Cornmarket health team will listen to your health insurance requirements and offer free, impartial advice, by providing you with a breakdown of suitable health insurance plans at the most competitive price. Cornmarket compare all the Health Insurance providers, making the process very easy for you.


1. The Free Health Insurance Comparison service offers the benefit of simplifying a very complex purchase (which is paperless) whilst providing a real opportunity to make savings. Several working unions we currently deal with have delivered average savings of over €400 to their members.
2. The member will have access to all plans on the market, providers have hidden plans (corporate plans) that they do not make the public aware of, as a broker we recommend the most suitable.
3. Cormmarket are not a tied agent to anyone provide, so the member has the benefit of getting quote from all 4 providers, and a suggestion of the most suitable.
4. Cornmarket can offer discounts on certain plans that the providers themselves don’t discount.
5. Ability to execute business over the phone.
6. Access to specially trained Health Insurance experts.