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Flexible Loans at Competitive Rates

We offer several types of loans for example:

Find out about quick and easy EXPRESS LOANS

Students check out our flexible STUDENT LOANS

For personal purchases, DIY, cars you need our PERSONAL LOANS

What makes our loans different at Donegal Town Credit Union?

Loan enquiries and applications can be made during office hours and are granted at the discretion of the Credit Committee. We provide loans for many purposes to our members. Student loans are also available at an interest rate of 6%. Contact Donegal Town Credit Union for more information on loan applications or becoming a member. Credit Union loans are preferred to other forms of loans because:

*   There are no hidden fees or transaction charges
*   Repayments are calculated on the reducing balance of your loan
*   This means smaller interest payments as your loan decreases
*   Repayment terms are determined to a members circumstances
*   Loans can be repaid early without penalties
*   Loans are insured at no extra cost to the member

Our rate for personal loans is 12.68% APR. ”For a €1,000, 1 year variable loan  with weekly repayments of €20.43 and a interest rate of 12.68%, the total repayments will be €1061.95″. Donegal Town Credit Union LTD  is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Consumer Guide to the Central Credit Register