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Mobile Banking

Mobile and Online Banking with CU247

What can you do?

* View your account details and balances

* Transfer money between your accounts in the Credit Union

* Set up recurring standing orders

* Transfer money out to any account which has a BIC & IBAN

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MOBILE: Download the CU247 App available on Android and iPhone
ONLINE: Log onto www.cu247secure.ie/donegalcu

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Top Tips for Mobile and Online Banking

Don’t be scared of using your mobile or computer for online banking. It is perfectly safe if you take basic precautions. Here are five top tips:

  • * Make sure to keep your login ID, PIN Code and details of any security questions a secret. Be careful where you store this information.
  • * Always log out of your online banking session when you have finished your business……you wouldn’t walk away from an ATM machine without removing your card!
  • * Monitor your accounts regularly. Monitoring your online Credit Union statement each month is good practice, but why wait a whole month to discover a discrepancy? With online banking you have access 24/7 so take advantage and check your account on a regular basis.
  • * Always make sure you access your accounts from a secure location. Only use your mobile service providers network or a password protected WIFI connection. NEVER access the CU247 app on a public network or in free WIFI hotspots.
  • * Beware of ‘phishing’ scams. Donegal Town Credit Union will NEVER contact you looking for your full six-digit PIN.

If you suspect that your details are known by someone who should not have this information, or if you notice any unauthorised transactions on your account, make sure to contact Donegal Town Credit Union. We can then block the account or issue you with a new PIN.